I started my legal career in private practice and received my training at a growing entrepreneurial law firm located in downtown Toronto.

I honed my legal and business skills as an executive of a private enterprise with over 1 billion in sales and 1200 employees.  As Senior-Vice President and General Counsel, I was responsible for the legal, compliance and human resources departments.  I played key roles in various operational and business development matters.

Now I run my own legal practice which focuses on providing cost effective and business focused legal support.  I strive to create opportunities and find solutions to various challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses.

The combination of private practice and in-house experience allows me to provide clients with the focused support of an external lawyer, while maintaining the soft touch approach of a dedicated in-house counsel.

I pride myself on becoming a valued member of your team, continually thinking about how I can help your organization achieve its goals each day.  This is what drives me and distinguishes Bilyk Law from the traditional law firm.

The Inspiration for a New Approach to Legal Services

While working in private practice, I saw first-hand how the billable-hour legal services model restricts a lawyer’s ability to truly work as part of his or her client’s team.  The hourly billing approach promotes an external outlook and advice focused on the issue at hand, instead of how the issue at hand impacts the client’s broader business goals.  External lawyers focused on generating billable hours are looking to justify their time through their mandates.  I believe the time spent in between mandates is where lawyers can become indispensable assets to their clients.

I spend my time in between mandates learning about my clients, finding out what drives them and understanding what is most important to their long-term goals. Bilyk Law’s membership billing model allows for the creation of ongoing dialogue and collaboration, all of which is included in one monthly fee.

I saw the real value that a lawyer can bring to an organization, when I worked within an organization. This “ah-ha” moment could not have happened when I was in private practice.  It came after I was involved in different areas of the business and worked closely with non-lawyers.  I call it my “operational experience”.

I now bring my “operational experience” to your business when we work on legal matters together.  My focus is always to try and ensure that no matter what legal position you decide to take, you will be doing so to further your long-term objectives.

This is why I look at my law firm, not as a law firm that stands alone, but as the legal department of our clients’ organizations.  I consider myself a valued member of my clients’ teams and  try to work with them to grow their businesses each day.

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